About In Private Beta Build Smarter, Build Smarter, Deliver Faster Deliver Faster Forneu is a full-stack serverless development platform that empowers you to rapidly build, manage and deploy web/mobile apps. Apply for early access Highly-scalable & highly-available out of the box. colorful and adaptive Runtime theming An innovative theming system that can be customized
in runtime at any level you need.
Modes Palette Colors Properties Preview Modes Forneu has built-in support for Dark Scheme and High Contrast Mode. Dark theme Make your users happy with Dark Scheme that is perfect for low-light conditions with sufficient contrast and adaptive colors. High contrast mode Increase the contrast of your site to help people with low vision. Preview More elements United states Favorite Learn more Radio Group Option 1 Option 2 Switch Checkbox Field label This input is required Submit
Making web development accessible to everyone The easiest and quickest way to build custom software. All-in-one You get a full-stack project with GraphQL API, Serverless Framework, CLI, and CMS. Write custom apps and business logic with a set of ready-made apps to create APIs, pages and forms using no-code approach. Universal Visually design and code apps in realtime with your team of designer/developer collaboration. Interactively create apps with familiar visual tools with or without writing any code. Unique Forneu is based on Numl runtime innovative theming system that allows you to unleash the power of customization in runtime at any level you need. Take all styles under your control. DX Focused Forneu is focused on providing the best possible Developer Experience. It has lots of built-in helpers and solutions for routine development and its atomic approach is convenient for customization, maintaining, and refactoring. TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS AROUND THE WORLD Get early access We’re currently in private beta. Applications will be screened based on fit. Apply for early access Product in Beta Upcoming Serverless Framework Serverless CMS Serverless Apps Serverless APIs Microservices Open Source Numl TastyCSS Theme Builder Company About us Stay Connected numldesign Numl.Design forneuhq forneuhq forneuhq Copyright © 2021 Breadcrumb Private Limited